Mechanical Solutions

Our company (Whisbro Mechanical Solutions Ltd) was established in 2006 as a specialist in plumbing, heating, ventilation, air-conditioning, and pipework systems. This enables us to provide a complete mechanical services package (including control systems, thermal insulation, sanitaryware installation, etc.) of the highest standard to our clients on our projects (typically valued in the range of £1,000 – £1,000,000). Our areas of expertise are predominantly based on projects that are:

Residential Installations

Apartment Installations

Renewal Installations

Commercial Installations

Office Installations

Medical Installations

We believe in delivering a wholly complete and compliant contract to our clients, and as such always strive to be snag-free regardless of project size or scope and completed by our set programme dates. This is made possible by our flexible and proactive approach to every project’s demands, achieved through collaboration with other contractors/sub-contractors and clients to ensure that all projects run without issue and within budget.; our philosophy is that client satisfaction is of paramount importance and vital for project completion. Further, we do not believe this is exclusive to the undertaking of the project – both pre-start and post-completion, we aim to provide our clients with a greater understanding of the works involved by offering easy-to-understand technical information and advice; through this, we utilise our experience and existing knowledge to reassure the client that the project is completed to their preference. This also enhances the client’s understanding of the services in place (i.e. Items of plant) for future management.

As a company, we understand and value the importance of health and safety in protecting and minimising any risk and/or danger to our operatives or other operatives on site. As such, we ensure that we abide by all health and safety guidelines whilst working on site, and endeavour to reduce all risks to others where possible. This extends to our membership with a health and safety consultant, whereby we have achieved SSIP and Altius Assured compliance, which is part of our commitment to minimise accidents on site and any resulting effects to our works (i.e. delays).

Furthermore, we provide training for our on-site operatives and off-site staff to highlight potential health and safety risks within our industry, and for keeping up to date with latest legislation and standards. We believe that this demonstrates our dedication to remaining health and safety compliant. We also promote continued dynamism and innovation as a company and attend courses and exhibitions/showcases with our industry’s manufacturing leaders to guarantee that we are aware of emerging solutions and products for services installations (e.g. hydrogen central-heating boilers) and implement best practices in our projects.

This significantly benefits our client chain by encouraging continued business growth and the establishment of long-term relationships, as shown by our repeat business with clients such as Howard de Walden Estates since 2006. Moreover, our time in business has allowed us to establish positive connections with other sub-contractors (e.g. electrical) to promote a cooperative working environment on projects, which emphasises our adherence to delivering the highest possible quality of installation for our clients.

As part of our commitment to future-proof installations, and with the growing demand for sustainable alternatives to traditional fossil fuel powered energy sources, we have expanded into the renewables energy sector. This allows us to provide our clients with green and efficient solutions to mechanical services equipment, i.e., heat recovery ventilation, solar, air/water/ground source heat pumps, leading to reduced energy usage and a reduction of carbon footprint.